Beauty centers full Management, Public Accounting, warehouses, Administrative Affairs SMS, membership system


The One for cosmetic software is mainly found to give managers the highest degree of accurate control over all transactions within their work on one hand and to provide them with innovative set of detailed reports for giving further possibility of taking appropriate decisions anywhere, at any time on the other hand. Where, the client has the ability to run the program through the internet for reviewing reports using laptop, iPad & iPhone

  • Runs through internet (online)
  • Bilingual, multi-company, multi-year.
  • Links all branches with stores (online).
  • Depends on SQL (2019) databases.
  • Total and analytical reports of both accounts and items
  • Beauty centers full management and provided services.
  • Facilitating specialists’ performance and following-up of clients.
  • Easy extraction of various information and reports.
  • A full report about all services that each client has obtained during a certain period.
  • Clients’ follow-up report and private file for each client.
  • Full reports about accomplished services applied by each specialist during a specified period.
  • Reports about external visits, specifying every visit specialist.
  • Increasing beauty centers’ income by using discount cards and recharge.

Clients’ identification window


It is worthy to state that, after registering all clients’ information, the One for cosmetic software follows up all accomplished services obtained by clients. Associated with their expert specialists. In addition to, registering all clients’ occasions. All these services are provided through a clients’ identification window.

The appointment booking window


Furthermore, the appointment booking window is portrayed by specifying the booking type whether (session, membership, program) or even multiple provided services. Moreover, determining the duration of each service to be performed, and the ability to pay the reservation whether (partially, totally).

Query window


All the clients’ transactions that have been visited during specific period is analyzed through a query window according to (obtained services, experts, visits, money paid).



With this in mind, the one for cosmetic software allows an entry process for all clients’ appointments that plays an essential role in organizing them precisely on one hand. Moreover, avoid overlapping, forgetting or losing them on the other hand. (A timetable of both visits and obtained services, specifying the name of the specialist for each performed service, plus a full occasions scheduling for each client).

Sales point


The software sales point is totally comprehensive and easy. It includes all the beauty center performed services, with a significant ability starts from reducing the amount of utilized items in all performed services through our stores, up to the ability of knowing the net profits of the total value invoice.

Programs and enrollments


Through the window of membership system Setup, the type of programs and enrollments is specified in terms of making (multi sessions offer, multi tasks) and the ability of following up the performed and non-performed services through a dedicated report.

Department monthly evaluation


The one for cosmetic software issues a monthly evaluation and full Comparison Report for all divisions, where sales of groups and categories (services) are displayed within a specified period, (by months) in terms of performed services according to both (quantity, value).

Experts monthly evaluation


Finally yet importantly, the one for cosmetic software issues a monthly evaluation and comparison assessment for experts’ performed undertakings. Where all performed services associated to each expert are displayed within a specified period (services), according to months in terms of both (quantity, value).

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