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The One System software is mainly found to give managers the highest degree of accurate control over all transactions within their work on one hand and to provide them with innovative set of detailed reports for giving further possibility of taking appropriate decisions anywhere, at any time on the other hand. Where, the client has the ability to run the program through the internet for reviewing reports using laptop, iPad & iPhone.

  • Runs through internet (online)
  • Bilingual, multi-company, multi-year.
  • Links all branches with stores (online).
  • Depends on SQL (2019) databases.
  • Total and analytical reports of both accounts and items
  • Clinics and provided services full Organization.
  • Following the most modern and latest technological methods in providing patients’ services.
  • Physicians’ Medical examination full organization in addition to patient follow-up facilitation.
  • Easy extraction of various information and reports.
  • Sends SMS to remind the patient by the visit date & time accurately.
  • An alert system for the scheduled visits of each patient.
  • Patient follow-up report and private archiving electronic file for each patient.
  • Full Business reports for all physicians during a specified period.
  • Reports about external visits provided by the assigned specialist of each visit.
  • A full report about all services the patient has obtained during a certain period

Patient new file window


As a matter of fact, through (patient new file window), after registering all required data, and following up all the patient’s visits, in addition to the Competent physician name who follows up the patient, provided by a query about the patient’s account and the next visit date follow up.

Sales point


In like manner, the software’s sales point is actually easy and comprehensive, with all provided services in the clinic. In addition to the ease of jumping to both the appointments schedule and the installments due to the patient besides displaying the Prescriptions for sending them to the pharmacy to be obtained by the patient.

Appointment-booking window


Identically, the (appointment-booking window) is characterized by an option of determining booking type. Whether (medial session, new subscription) or other multi services to be conducted. Furthermore, Determining the duration of the required service to be concluded. In addition to necessity of reservation payment ability. Whether (total, partial). Thus, binding reservations to specific physician for each patient in order to carry out booking process properly according to both date and time.



Furthermore, the software allows the patient appointments data entry process, which organizes appointments, and avoids overlap, loss, or omission. Including (The visits schedule according to the physician or the specialist name), knowing the previous and upcoming dates through the patient’s visits, the status of the appointment in terms of (Completion/done, cancellation, postponement) in addition to the easy transition from the visits table to the point of sale once the patient arrives at the clinic.

Patient Registration


Similarly, the software allows booking a new patient visit without a need for an existing electronic file for that patient in the clinic, with a full flexibility of registering his data and the possibility of opening a specific electronic file for him/her later on.

Bill posting


With this in mind, through the window of (bills posting), the clinic revenue per day is displayed accurately. As well as the discounts that have been made together with the bills that have been canceled, and the way cash has been received whether (cash, debit card) In addition to a financial receipt for the daily closing.

Patient File


As an illustration, the software is characterized by creating a detailed electronic file for the patient, through which the clinics he/she visited are registered. Moreover, the therapeutic status and specific medications of the patient are diagnosed. As well as the possibility of attaching X-ray photocopy and sonar clips to be ready for review by the physician in the patient’s next visit.

Medical report


Finally, the tasks that were performed by both physicians and specialists for a specific period according to the data of each patient is attached as well in the medical report.

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