Real Estate Management Solution

Real estate companies Management (Rent, sale, apart hotel)
General Accounting, fixed assets, installments,
Administrative affairs

The One For real estate software is mainly found to give managers the highest degree of accurate control over all transactions within their work on one hand and to provide them with innovative set of detailed reports for giving further possibility of taking appropriate decisions anywhere, at any time on the other hand. Where, the client has the ability to run the program through the internet for reviewing reports using laptop, iPad & iPhone.

  •  Runs through internet (online)
  • Bilingual, multi-company, multi-year.
  • Links all branches with stores (online).
  • Total and analytical reports of both accounts and expenditures.
  • Supports both apart hotels rent and sale process.
  • Separate report for every enterprise result calculation.
  • Depends on SQL (2019) databases.
  • Print checks (bank design).
  • The ability to acquire final accounts at any moment.

Owner Card


software provides a full information report about the property owner , supported by the property images and videos.

Owners Property


Displaying properties, linking them with their owners, furthermore, adding all the property-required information.



Displaying property units, moreover,linking units to specific buildings and determining the type of each unit – the floor number – the unit rent price,whether (monthly or daily), however; in case of apart hotels, tourist villages and villas (number of rooms are basically specified).

Tenant or buyer identification


With this in mind, a tenant or buyer identification window is available through which all tenant information is registered.



Going further, an easy using (interface) window for renting process , where the contact termination between the tenant and the owner takes place according to(contact specific duration, the monthly renting price), in addition to extra services added to the monthly rent.

The bonds issuance


Undouble, the one for real estate software provides a full monthly receipts compilation process for all tenants,besides carrying out all the accounts transfer, in addition to the bonds issuance for all tenants.

Follow-up window for buildings/ real estates


A comprehensive follow-up window for buildings/ real estates,in order to be aware whether properties are rented/ sold or not.Just by pointing the cursor on the desired apartment,all related information is displayed(name,nationality, contract duration, the rent price).

Comprehensive set of reports


Report of Tenants, Tenants’ uncollected funds full report, units Status Report, contracts Report, terminated/ outdated contracts Report, Total Revenues and Expenses Report, Total Real Estate Revenues Report, obtained Bonds/receipts Report.

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