Clothing, footwear, accessories and underwear companies
management system


It is worthy to state that, includes: Inventory control system, General accounting, points of sale, barcode printout, offers and latest products, inventory system, internal correspondence, deficiencies extraction, successfully and stagnant sales items, live sales monitoring system, SMS, attendance system, Branches offline systems, , Detailed analytical reports (annually, Monthly, weekly) compared over previous years.

A key point to be mentioned that, Ocean.Net is mainly found to provide managers with the highest degree of control on the smallest transactions within their work, providing them with innovative-detailed reports for appropriate decision-making anywhere in the world at any time. As the program can be run via Internet through laptops, or reviewing Reports displayed on iPad & iPhone devices.

Achieving more Creativity by using “”, Faster, Ease of use .. Achievement

  • Conducting a full and unique regulation & control within your company.
  • adjusting purchasing processes and verifying quantities.
  • adjusting items transfers among different branches.
  • Extracting sales shortfalls and imperfections of branches simultaneously and automatically.
  • Eliminating problems of size-scatter within your company branches.
  • Periodic and sudden inventory to control shortage.
  • Searching for specific items supported by image and location search option within all branches.
  • With Ocean SMS, we will notify you with the most important conducted procedures within your company.
  • Easily knowing the best-selling items for appropriate decision-making.
  • Taking the advantage of your staff views and suggestions through Ocean.Net.
  • Following up your business anywhere around the world via mobile.
  • Adjusting your employees’ shifts by following up their fingerprint and shifting-hours.
  • achieving Security with an integrated information security system and users’ privileges
  •  Advanced accounting system (according to international accounting standards)

Integrated inventory


Another key point to be mentioned that, integrated inventory system starts from procurement process (making order) until the end of sales process (point of sale), including external and internal expenses, insertion and final cost calculation, in addition to sizes and colors insertion, images of items, barcode printout, entries comparison and confirmation of quantities validity.

Items Redistribution


Items Redistribution within all branches. Where all items are displayed according to both quantities and colors inside warehouses and branches. The availability of displaying full procedures conducted upon items including (purchases, sales, settlements, etc.) for appropriate decision-making and redistribution, furthermore, adjusting both colors and sizes sequence among all branches.
• Requesting a specific model from another branch by various means like pictured message showing the required branch.
• The possibility of transferring variant items from branches to stores for the ease of items retrieval.
• The possibility of transfer Request for both colors and sizes sequence adjustment of specific items to branches for easy distribution of new items to all branches.

Sales Point


Enjoy Easy handling with the best point of sale screen at all. Entering your sales invoice will take just a few seconds, immediate control of any fund manipulation, and having all the necessary features to make your customers more satisfied with the service level.



Moreover, An integrated system for making offers of new items, special discounts or sale, which includes the chamber of commerce printout report in addition to printing items labels in an easy and flexible manner.

Acknowledged by the sold or stagnant items


It is possible to be acknowledged by the sold or stagnant items by analyzing graphs and pictures to facilitate the knowledge of the most profitable items, in addition to (procurement procedures summarized report, opinions and suggestions, branches movements, studying colors and sizes)

Live Sales


Live Sales monitoring system in order to pursue shortly the sales of all branches instantaneously with all the specifications, quantities and prices for all pieces in all branches, filtered by (invoice, salesman, sales hour, section).

Brands evaulated


A detailed report on items conducted procedures of a specific brand, so that the amount of the purchases, sales, balance and the daily number sold for each item can be defined.



Last but not least, More than 350 detailed reports can be extracted, which assist in making the appropriate decision (assessing all companies by country, evaluation of a specific company, assessment of specific brand sizes), so that the report gives the volume of purchases, sales and inventory balance in terms of quantity, value and cost.

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