GYM Management Solution

Health clubs management, general accounting, point of sale, live sales monitoring system, SMS, attendance system


As a matter of fact, Ocean health club software, is mainly found to organize various health clubs transactions with the advantage of linking all clubs online by the main office and follow them up through a live sales monitoring, in addition to SMS automatic service. Additionally, links with a fingerprint device for members’ entrance through club gates.

  • Member’s high quality service according to latest modern and technological methods.
  • Organizing trainers’ exercises and facilitate participants’ follow-up.
  • Easy extraction of both information and various reports.
  • Confidentiality and leakage prevention of members’ information.
  • A comprehensive set of members’ detailed report.

member’s identification card


The member’s identification card can indicate both required and optional fields, while the majority of members’ data is enlisted from just one single window including (medical file, measurements record, members’ attendance dates and appointments, additional information).

The membership receipt


through which members can sign up for subscriptions, renting lockers, additional services and lessons, notwithstanding the accessibility of paying a bill by different methods, furthermore, a user can add a new payment method.

Fingerprint system


Members Attendance and departure through a fingerprint system, showing all the member valid services. Including entrance allowance through the gate, plus the availability of knowing the measurements date of the member and his last attendance date as well. Correspondingly, whether the member was previously added to the blacklist or whether he is not allowed to enter this branch, together with, all the enrolled notes in regards to this member through Alerts panel.



The blacklist allows you to suspend some undesirable club members either temporarily or permanently.

Members’ affairs


The ability of controlling all members’ affairs through a temporarily or permanent services suspension or abeyance for a predefined period.

Follow Up Store


Simultaneously the lockers Control Panel empowers you to view its’ status whether (empty – rented – reserved), and also enables you to know the locker occupant by pressing on the locker number to display all the member’s information provided by picture, with a data update option in the same window

Ocean CMS software


Ocean CMS software enables you to generate a daily or monthly accounting report. The report enables you to extract a sales detailed report for all club branches for each subscription or service in a given day or month.

Membership expiry report


Through membership expiry report, you have the ability to know the subscriptions end dates, services and even lockers for all members, add to that, you can specify a particular time to extract a report about members whose memberships will expire within a specified period.

The subscription and service summary report


Last but not least, the subscription and service summary report empowers you to extricate information for a number of members per subscription or service, in addition to the value of these subscriptions and services, plus the aggregate number of subscribers and the total value of all subscriptions.

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