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The One System software is mainly found to give managers the highest degree of accurate control over all transactions within their work on one hand and to provide them with innovative set of detailed reports for giving further possibility of taking appropriate decisions anywhere, at any time on the other hand. Where, the client has the ability to run the program through the internet for reviewing reports using laptop, iPad & iPhone.


  • Runs through internet (online)
  • Bilingual, multi-company, multi-year.
  • Link all branches with stores (online)
  • Total and analytical reports of both accounts and items
  • Supports wholesale, retail sales and branches.
  • Calculate the result of each branch in case of using branches.
  • Costs and profits (per invoice) or costs and profits
  • Costs and profits (per invoice) or costs and profits (Per items).
  • Supports all activities (commercial, industrial, service).
  • Depends on database (SQL 2019)
  • live sales monitoring system for branches
  • Supports items with a expiry date
  • Supports items of serial number.
  • Reservations and sales according to Price Offers.
  • Print checks (bank design).
  • The ability to acquire final accounts at any moment.

Comprehensive product


Regardless to mention that, One System is a Comprehensive product design including all items primary data in addition to all direct and indirect expenses added to production processes default accounts.

Production process


another key point to be mentioned that, Production process model is characterized by precision and ease of use with the possibility to fix both expenses and consumption deviation of each manufacturing process, therefore, accounting entry is used to set the raw materials as well as full product receipt.
Furthermore, it is responsible for setting a store for both raw materials and manufactured products to adjust inventory items.
In like manner, one system software gives you detailed reports about production processes deviations.

Monthly expense analysis report


Notably, there is a distinctive report to analyze both monthly expenses and revenues for several years to be compared by the account balances for the same period, compared with previous years.

Sales and purchases analytical report


Items (Sales and purchases) Analytical report (compared over several years) Likewise, One System Sales and purchases Analytical report displays all sales and purchases so that, you can use a property of comparing them with previous years, otherwise there is a possibility to display the report based upon items or groups besides displaying sales and purchases according to both value or quantity.

Branch profit


Moreover, a simplified report to display each branch trading, profit and loss processes. Similarly, it displays the value of sales invoices after returns deduction, as well as displaying sales cost and expenses in case they are linked to the branch or using a cost center attached to the branch, in addition to other sales process revenues. In order to give the net profit or loss for each branch.

Modified and recycled accounting entries


With this in mind, there is a specified screen to display modified and recycled accounting entries, where modifications or deletions are displayed (before and after modification or deletion process). Furthermore, it displays modified or deleted invoices, where modifications or deletions are displayed (before and after modification or deletion process).



Above all, Live sales system, so that, branches sales can be pursued shortly with all specifications, quantities and prices for all items over all branches.

Querying invoice items profits


Regardless to the availability of distinctive report that enables employers to take appropriate decisions, where profit results appear for each item individually, where each item is highlighted in different color in case:
(The cost equals zero, or equals to the sale price, or greater than the sale price, or less than the sale price).

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